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Friday, December 13, 2013

Arapahoe High School Shooter Is Karl Pierson, Targeted Tracy Murphy

According to Zennie62.com, Karl Pierson Is Arapahoe High School Shooter,Targeted Tracy Murphy the school librarian.

Karl Pierson is the student who had a grudge against Tracy Murphy, the school's librarian, and reportedly because Mr. Murphy demoted him in position on the speech and debate team.

By all accounts, Karl Pierson is the last person any of his students would have suspected to be the shooter. He was said to be humble and quiet, and "geeky but in a cute sort of way." Karl Pierson also ran on the school's track team.

But it was at speech and debate where he excelled, reaching the level of third best in "national extemporaneous debate" in America. So, this demotion, regardless of the reason, was the straw that broke the camel's back.

But even with that, Karl Pierson was said to have has a recent violent outburst. He went out to get a drink of water, came back, found the door locked, and pounded on it with such force, it scared the members of the group that were meeting at the time.

Stay tuned.

Arapahoe High School Colorado Shooting: Two Injured, One Dead

UPDATE: Karl Pierson is Arapahoe High School Shooter, Targeted Tracy Murphy.

Arapahoe High School was the focus of the latest shooting in America.

An as-of-now unnamed student of this Centenial, Colorado high school, came to the school specifically looking for one teacher.

According to CNN and MSNBC, that teacher managed to get out of the building. Two students were shot, one in serious condition, the other wounded and in stable condition.

All of this happened just 15 miles from Colombine, and not far from Aurora, CO, where the 2012 Aurora theater shooting happened.

It was also almost one year to the day of the Newtown Shooting, which will fall on Saturday, December 14th.

More at Zennie62.com, here:

Arapahoe High School Colorado Shooting: Suspect Killed Himself

Monday, October 28, 2013

Peyton Manning And Broncos Bounce Back v Redskins

The Denver Broncos got a scare from the visiting Washington Redskins, aka the team that has the name some people hate.

Washington played to a 21-7 lead, but the Broncos, led by former Indy Colt Peyton Manning, answered with a 21-point surge to tie the game, then pulled ahead to win 45 to 21.

Once again, it was a game of Peyton Manning v Peyton Manning. Manning was responsible for four turnovers (three interceptions and one fumble), but great play-calling and execution caused him to throw four touchdowns and for 354 yards.

And let's not forget that he was helped by the Denver Defense. The Broncos are 7-1, but not the leader in the tough AFC West. The Kansas City Chiefs are undefeated at 8 and 0.

By contrast, the Washington Redskins now sit at 2 and 5 but one has to ask if Head Coach Mike Shanahan could have designed a better game plan.

At points, when your team has an obvious lead, it's time to use the no-huddle offense to add more points, but Mike doesn't do that.

What caused Denver to get back into the game so quickly was their version of the up-tempo system and great play design, as well as a defense that could make timely stops.

 Stay tuned.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

North West: Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s Baby Is Beautiful!

North West is here! North West, Kim Kardashian and  Kanye West's baby is cute, lovely, adorable, awesome, and whatever other adjectives anyone can come up with. And if social media comment are any measure, and they are, the World agrees - people are just plain gushing over this little one. More at Zennie62.com: North West Baby Photos Of Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s Baby Are Cute! - http://www.zennie62blog.com/2013/08/24/north-west-baby-photos-of-kim-kardashian-kanye-wests-baby-are-cute-54270/
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