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Women's Bodybuilding Is A $5 Billion Industry

Women's Bodybuilding Is A $5 Billion Industry - Video

Women's Bodybuilding Is A $5 Billion Industry Women's Bodybuilding is at a crossroads. At a time when more women than ever are competing in organized sports, and participating in fitness, and not fearing to show their biceps and present a strong female image, it seems the sport is under attack. The Arnold Classic stopped holding true women's bodybuilding contests. Female bodybuilders are not fairly compensated for their efforts at building their bodies. Moreover, they turn to paid website chatrooms, not out of any effort to meet their fans but for money and don't enjoy the interaction. Corporations don't flock to put their brand behind FBBs for money. The fact is all of that could change if FBBs ran themselves as a business. companies don't sports FBBs because no one approaches them with a promotional proposal. Many women sign exclusive contracts with men who take photos of them , and don't do anything else. That habit needs to stop: it's business slavery. It's harmful to the FBB, who can make more money with the wider dissemination of her image. Women with muscle can also model clothing for athletes, and do so for pay. They can make their own movies, and television and online shows, and become YouTube Partners. But, most of all, women bodybuilders have to appreciate and cultivate their fan base, and embrace the fact that they are popular because of their bodies. Rather than do that, FBBs have terms for their fans who like to look at them: schomoes. Why shame a man or woman who thinks the FBB's so worth seeing, they would pay money to do so? It's that what a contest one pays to attend is all about, anyway? Which brings me to this point: FBBs should have their own contests. I have said this for 10 years, and nothing has happened. Yes, "Women's Bodybuilding Is A $5 Billion Industry", if women want it to be. Go get it. Visit our blog here:

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