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Raiders Las Vegas Stadium: Jedi Rich, Jedi Joy Send Confusing Information

Raiders Las Vegas Stadium: Jedi Rich, Jedi Joy Send Confusing Information - Video

Raiders Las Vegas Stadium: Jedi Rich, Jedi Joy Send Confusing Information The latest news surrounding the Oakland Raiders Las Vegas Stadium is as real as it's unbelievable. First, it starts with a story that comes from them to me, and is strange. Then, it gets weirder. According to Richard and Joy Lightower, also known as "Jedi Rich and Jedi Joy" construction workers at Las Vegas Stadium have told them directly that one-third of the canopy trusses that were already placed in their areas of the structure were done so with elements in them upside down. Richard and Joy Lightower sent a text about a half hour ago to the point of this writing, or about 12:36 AM EST. They are working on their own video, but gave me the go-ahead to post the information early. This is the full text that I was sent: 1/3 of the Trusses are built with pieces that were installed upside down. We got this straight from the iron workers. Since the pieces were installed upside down, they ended up being off when they got to the one truss. It was off by 8 inches. Now the entire design is flawed. They are scrounging to fix this error. They have guys day and night trying to reassemble the trusses together probably. They are beyond off schedule. This is potentially a deal ender. We will see what solutions they come out to the public with. Feel free to post any of this on your blog now. The news is going out. Video still to come!! -- As to the full story, the canopy trusses are designed to be the support for the Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (EFTE) roof. At the time of this writing, an estimated 18 of the 26 canopy trusses were in place. But, there were problems, first with one truss that was installed incorrectly and had to be removed and then replaced on Sunday, Father's Day, of last week. As it turned out, again according to Richard and Joy Lightower, the workers were tasked not only to replace the truss that was installed incorrectly, but because the other truss segments were put in place with "pieces that were installed upside down" to quote what Richard and Joy Lightower said in the text, that error resulted in the truss that was put in, but then taken down two weeks ago now, and then re-installed back in place. The Las Vegas Bloggers also just explained that the workers were tasked with trying to correct this error, allegedly, outside of the knowledge of the public. So, just as I'm writing this, and taking them seriously, the whole text message changes. I asked them when they first got this information: The answer I got back was "July 14th" . So I asked why they sat on the information for so long, since this is June 22nd. What I got back via text was shocking. It was as if I was texting with two different people, but with completely different agendas. "Zennie. It's my story. I break it when I want. Do you understand? I said No. And for good reason: the claim that the trusses were with, as it was put "pieces that were installed upside down," and in a text to me, is very damaging, if true. I really struggled to believe this happened, but elected to give them the benefit of the doubt. Additionally, remember that Jedi Rich's text to me encouraged me to blog about their story, which, if you think about it, I am doing. But Jedi Joy later chiming in with an opposite text is really most confusing. As I wrote in my text back, I'm very confused with what they're trying to do. I will say it's a dangerous game they're playing with the Raiders and Don Webb. I explained that they have zero idea what they're doing. Getting that wrong is as hurtful as the story being right. I In the middle of the text, it seemed that it changed from Jedi Rich, who contacted me, to Jedi Joy. And she started to say that someone said this, and that and they should not work with me, and blah, blah. Then she says I contacted them, when I did not, and then sends an old text from days ago, when I invited them to come on my livestream show. The whole exchange is so completely crazy that it could only be one more attempt by someone who paid them, I would guess, to throw me off the trail. Whatever. Hopefully, for the Raiders, this is not true. If Jedi Rich and Jedi Joy don't have anyone on the record to say this, to really go on camera, then its not something that's going to fly.
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