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Time To Stop The Left / Right Coal / No Coal Divide And Fix Oakland And America's Economy Now

Time To Stop The Left / Right Coal / No Coal Divide And Fix Oakland And America's Economy Now - Video

Time To Stop The Left / Right Coal / No Coal Divide And Fix Oakland And America's Economy Now Hi Allen Michaan, The time to worry about that came in 1975 for me, when I read Limits To Growth as a teen, and then when I made my first computer-based SD model: 2002. The system dynamics models and literature have warned of this, long ago. We are 10 years behind because that was when zero population growth was to occur. Allen, the problem is population, okay. We have too many fucking people on the planet, and the best way out of this is to just slow population growth rate. The best way to do that is via promotion of and financing of education worldwide. Any good bioeconomist will tell you that even if we reach zero emissions, we will not, and I repeat not, stop climate change. Why? Too many people. Also, wanting to kick people out of their jobs is not only evil, baseless, and lazy (sorry don't mean to offend), it guarantees Trump a second term. Wake up, my friend. I have a broader view of the nation that you or Dan, or the stupid-assed white supremacist Sierra Club. The white coastal elites are hated by the South and Middle America, and for good reason. People like Dan who want them to lose their jobs and say so, just piss them off. So, as I said to Oakland City Councilmember Dan Kalb, we have to fix this. The Oakland Bulk and Oversized Terminal provides low skill well paying jobs. The homeless in Oakland need them, and so do many in six different states (which have the coal industry). Tom Steyer is playing hedge fund against American society, and it shows. I am committed to forcing America to get back to economic planning without regard for politics. It's what we did with the Defense Industry, and now we're not doing it at all. The economic whole of our nation has been TORN because of this. So, stop Allen. Stop supporting something that has already hurt us. Also, Dan mentioned the lone black person in this - the token. This matter is regarded by a silent majority as a whole as a group who thinks its smarter than others - and are telling them what to do. The fact that this is racially split, in itself, shows that institutional racism has set in. Engineering - low emissions systems that can transport all bulk commodities including coal are in order. Right now, Allen, Oakland has one of only five low-emissions train engines in the World and for the Oakland Bulk and Oversized Terminal. We can do this, Allen. We will do this. Moreover, we will do this in a way that does not help Trump get four more years. Pushing workers out of jobs is not something I went to school for, and I will not stand for it today. Economic retention and tech training is the key. Get on the right side Allen - you're on the wrong one. Climate change is here, we have known this. But we STOPPED the ethic of fixing the problem, and now just want to say no. Not me. No way. Do the hard thing. And then keep doing the hard thing. No lazy thinking. We were supposed to have a DAMN space station colony called L5. Then, nothing. All of the ideas and plans I grew up with went away. It's time to bring them back. Yelling "no coal" when that industry is still a Worldwide operating culture and making steel to make cities makes me think someone's doing too many drugs. We need to fix that industry, where the USA is number three in the World, and move forward. I'm not letting Tom Steyer devalue coal so he can buy up the reserves for himself. Bullshit, man. Bullshit. Don't drink his fucking kool-aid, okay? Thanks. Be well.
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