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Oakland A's Howard Terminal Update Zennie Abraham Points Out Centre Urban TIF Revenue Report Errors

Oakland A's Howard Terminal Update Zennie Abraham Points Out Centre Urban TIF Revenue Report Errors - Video

Oakland A's Howard Terminal Ballpark Update Zennie Abraham Points Out Centre Urban TIF Revenue Report Errors. Dave Kaval should see this. The report by the Los Angeles-based consultant firm called Centre Urban and that was presented by the City of Oakland at the Alameda County Meeting as containing the Howard Terminal Tax Increment Financing Revenue Estimate, in point of fact, did not do that. The report states that there is an existing redevelopment area (the Downtown Oakland Redevelopment Area) that does not "sunset" or end until 2039. But rather than estimate a new tax increment financing revenue estimate for Howard Terminal's TIF after 2039, Centre Urban just plain stopped at 2039, after writing that their calculation period starts at 2020. As the person who created the concept of redevelopment phasing in 1996, I know how this can be done. (Read: Folks, the bond issue period for the Howard Terminal Project is supposed to be 45 years. 2020 to 2039 is just 19 years. Got that? So, guess what? Centre Urban did not give us anything like what we were told to expect - the only way one would know that is if they had experience at tax increment financing like I do. The City's project manager Molly Maybrun clearly missed this, as did the City of Oakland's City Administrator's Office and the Alameda County Administrator's Office and the Alameda County Counsel. With that, the Alameda County Administrator's Office just used Centre Urban numbers without checking them. That means Alameda County Administrator's Office had zero idea what it was looking at, even to catch the error. So, we have no numbers to go by and for all of this time, this is the best the City of Oakland can show for all of this. As one who's first job out of Berkeley grad school was with the Oakland Redevelopment Agency, and who learned tax increment financing there in 1987, it's sad to see my city fall and fail in this way. I have asked to be the consultant on this, and now you should see why, if you did not see it before. If Steve Kerr can be grabbed from the broadcast booth to coach the Warriors, there's no reason I can't be tabbed for this project. None. Oakland needs help here. Stay tuned for part two on how these numbers should look. Zennie62 YouTube vlog auto-posted to by Zennie62Media.Inc at, the content development, influencer marketing, reputation management specialists.
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