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For The Record, Darwin Bond Graham Asked If I Was Working For Phil Tagami, Not Oakland Coal - No!

For The Record, Darwin Bond Graham Asked If I Was Working For Phil Tagami, Not Oakland Coal - No! - Video

For The Record, Darwin Bond Graham Asked Me If I Was Working For Phil Tagami, Not Clean Oakland Coal - I Said No I happened to see a tweet where this Darwin Bond Graham now of Oaklandside, wrote that I told him I was not talking money for “clean coal”. That’s not true at all. First, I told him nothing because it was a Twitter exchange. I have never met or talked to him and to this day I do not know or care what he looks like. Second, he swore on Twitter that I was working for Phil Tagami. I said I was not and Phil is like my brother. Also, the fact is Darwin has zero technical idea how Zennie62Media network works. From my view, it’s completely weird that he would insist on targeting me for attack, but I’m used to the dynamic. And yes, its borne of institutional racism. That, I have to follow a line of thinking “just because” as opposed to my way of thinking. The fact is that when Darwin and I had our Twitter exchange, I was using my blog platforms to help counter false information put out by the City of Oakland. That was me on my own. Insight Terminal Solutions came about a year later. Darwin didn’t reach out to me about it unlike Steven Tavares, who gave a clear picture of part of the situation but then did not return my phone calls to give more background. That’s why I started Zennie62Media: to give others power to counter efforts where other medja types try to paint black folks in a bad way. I fight. And I love fighting. Racism is wrong. I built my online systems to counter a white ran media that insists on bending the truth to try and make black folks looks bad. Enough of it. Besides, what position I took was based on my experience in economic development with the same City of Oakland Mr. Graham claims to have interest in. I am proud that Insight Terminal Solutions was a Zennie62Media client. The work done was pathbreaking. But to those like Darwin, I am reduced to being a hustler and other adjectives used to describe characters In blaxploitation movies. Aside from that, the Oakland Bulk and Oversized Terminal was a project I lived with going back to 1986. To see it reduced to not being built because of Tom Steyer’s money going to efforts to hedge against the very coal industry he put money into , while robbing the poor and black of jobs is shameful. Today, West Oakland has been damaged by the destruction of sources for low skilled, high-paying jobs. Coal hauling done cleanly is as possible and needed as explorations to Mars. At the end of the day, its wrong to try and bully someone because they’re black and not toeing an idealogical line made by white folks. I suppose I should take it as some complement that Mr. Graham thinks I should be part of some flock. But my spider sense tells me that’s too magnanimous. I will not be bullied into any way of thinking. Don’t tell me what my position should be because I am black. And don’t assume that my work is of a technical nature because I am black. That what Darwin was trying to do in my opinion. The issue is closed now and settled. But I remain a staunch advocate of using technology to produce a cleaner fossil fuel industry. Regarding Darwin Bond Graham he had no interest in telling the real story about my interest and history of the Oakland Bulk and Oversized Terminal , just interested in painting me as a bad black guy. That is racist snd all too common among white media. Stay tuned.
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