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Derrick Soo Homeless Oakland Man Is Running For Mayor Of Oakland 2022

Derrick Soo Homeless Oakland Man Is Running For Mayor Of Oakland 2022 - Video

Derrick Soo Homeless Oakland Man Is Running For Mayor Of Oakland 2022 Derrick Soo is the first to file to run for Mayor of Oakland, California 2022. He has made a name for himself telling his story via social media. To the end of running for the highest office in Oakland, Derrick created a must-visit Facebook page. The main part of it reads as follows: Welcome All! My name is Derrick Soo, and I’m running for the Office of The City of Oakland Mayor in 2022. A little background on me: I’m the Great Grandson of Oakland’s Legacy Family , Lew Hing. Most of West Oakland’s past history originates from him. The Pacific Coast Cannery put Oakland on the World map just after WWI. My family has a long history of helping the poor, Civil Rights, dealing with Racism and overcoming Major obstacles. I was born and raised right here in Oakland, CA. My parents were Middle Class working people. My father Leon, worked in the area Shipyards, and my Mother was a 32 year Supervisor for Macy’s Furniture Department. Our home was in the Oakland Hills near Mills College. I attended Burbank Elementary, Frick Jr., and Oakland High Schools as part of the OUSD. I graduated in 1978. From there I headed into the work world at Grand Auto Inc., EBMUD (Water Utility), then into two unsuccessful small businesses. My half brother Dr. Creighton Tom Ph.D, brought me into the service of the Department of Defense. I became a “Classified” Contractor. My work was to complete “Classified” projects in hostile regions for our government. Many hiding in plain site! In 2005, I developed health issues that required me to retire at age 47. I was retired and living in N.C when my financial institution went Bankrupt in 2008 with the Real Estate collapse. I lost over $3 Million overnight! I struggled to return back to the SF Bay Area. In 2009, I moved back in with my father in his home. Shortly, he fell ill to Rectal/Colon Cancer. He survived another 1.5 years before passing away. His home was seized by the Courts to pay off his medical expenses, and that’s when I became Homeless. I managed to “Float” for a period with friends sleeping on their couches. In 2013, I checked into a Homeless Shelter in East Oakland (EOCP). I stayed there for 91 days. The “System” found me Housing with a notorious Slumlord in Oakland. After 7 months of living in HORRIBLE conditions, I complained to the Landlord about the issue. After 10 days I was Served an Eviction Notice and evicted after another 10 days. In the Spring of 2015, I was diagnosed with Colon/Rectal Cancer. I spent all of 2015 in treatment through Alameda County Healthcare (AHS). Currently 5 years Cancer free. I was the Founder/Leader for a Homeless Community in Oakland’s Fitchburg District. I’m an outspoken Advocate for the Homeless and people inside my Community. Follow my adventures at The Journey Home and 77th Ave Rangers. I’m well known on the internet for my Homeless Community and have worked to change the Mayor of Oakland, Libby Schaaf ideals on Homelessness, but she stopped talking to me after she was Re-Elected Oakland Mayor. I have plans to confront Homelessness, Affordable Housing, Illegal Dumping, Graffiti, Side-Shows and crime. All of my efforts are to make REAL change, and not just talk that we get now. I welcome your questions and will work for all residents of our great City of Oakland. Please stand with me to Move Oakland into the Future! P.S- In the “Comments” I included an audio broadcast of Long Lost Oakland about West Oakland & my family. Derrick Soo has an honest and compelling story. It's very sad that he claims the Mayor of Oakland stopped talking to him. Libby has a chance to correct that message. Stay tuned.
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