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In Gus Bradley, Raiders Say Jon Gruden Hiring A Friend - Affirmative Action For White NFL Coaches?

In Gus Bradley, Raiders Say Jon Gruden Hiring A Friend - Affirmative Action For White NFL Coaches? - Video

In Defensive Coordinator Gus Bradley, Raiders Say Jon Gruden Hiring Another Friend - Affirmative Action For White Coaches? When former San Diego Chargers Defensive Coordinator Gus Bradley was announced as the former Oakland Raiders now Las Vegas Raiders Defensive Coordinator, the Raiders wrote this on the organization's main website: Bradley and Coach Gruden go way back Since Coach Gruden rejoined the Raiders in 2018, he has hired many of his former assistants he's come in contact with during his days in the NFC South. Gus Bradley is another case of Gruden going for what he knows. Bradley was hired by Jon Gruden in 2006 to be the defensive quality control coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He was promoted to linebackers coach one season later. Gruden "going for what he knows" is similar to what NFL Owners have told the media when giving reasons why blacks have not been hired for head coach and coordinator rolls to anywhere near the rate of their white counterparts. Also, the Raiders have been slow to get enthusiastically on board with involvement in the NFL's minority coaching fellowship program, with one person to date, under the Gruden regime, compared to multiple participants with other NFL teams. With the Raiders and Mark Davis, the Rooney Rule has been treated cursorily, and in the case of Tee Martin, who was interviewed for Gruden's job, with disrespect. In the case of the former USC Offensive Coordinator Legendary Tennessee quarterback and 1998 national champion, Mark Davis was recorded as saying he did not see how he could have fired Jack Del Rio if Gruden was not available, "I don't see how I could have. To spend $20 million, and on top of that hire Tee Martin, no." That comment is widely considered to be insulting of Tee Martin, who many see as the consummate professional. The hiring of Gus Bradley has all of the look of how Gruden himself was brought in. The Raiders quickly let it be known they were going to interview Gus Bradley for the "DC" job, then after a few days time, offered up former Dallas Cowboys Coach Kris Richards as the "black interview". And before you cough up the name Raheem Morris, the Raiders did not say that an interview was done him; he was put out there as a possible candidate by the Raiders. The Las Vegas Raiders made it clear they were focused on hiring another one of Gruden's friends in Bradley. There is a problem here. In the Undefeated, Susan D. Carle, a professor of law at American University’s Washington College of Law, said coaches and executives of color have a case given how poorly things have trended for a good stretch now. The data suggests something is occurring that’s not random. And what it says is the problem is race. When the subject is raised, the nuevo-Raiders fans like to point to the past, when Al Davis was alive. We all know about that part of history, but to mention it in this context is, itself, racist. In other words, you can not use the Raiders past as some type of moral bank and then say the debt racism was paid, so we can forget about it now. That's just wrong. What's also wrong is for Jon Gruden, a registered fundraiser and conservative donor for Republicans like Mitt Romney and George Allen, to continue a pattern of coaching hiring that looks like it has the stamp of the John Birch Society. It also should be noted that Gruden has golfed with President Trump and in 2006, according to Mike Tirico, who was part of the foursome, with Ron Jaworski. Trump even gave Gruden a set of clubs as Tirico tells the story. So, when Gruden said "I got my interest in a certain candidate, but I’m not going to make this job about politics. I respect the tough decision that America has to make and whichever way America goes, I’ll figure out how to get on the same page. You bet, I’ll support whoever’s in office.” But given his track record, and the clubs, Gruden most certainly supported Trump. And he's not the only Raiders Head Coach to support Trump while working for Mark Davis. Jack Del Rio did too, and said so on Twitter. The existence of a vast right wing conspiracy to get white coaches hired is alive and well with the Raiders. It extends to much of the NFL, and even is reflected in the media, where black voices that would counter it are few, but growing. The rest here:
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