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Kathleen Matz Takes Issue With My Oakland Juneteeth Shooting Vlog, Reflects A Basic Racial Problem

Kathleen Matz Takes Issue With My Oakland Juneteeth Shooting Vlog, Reflects A Basic Racial Problem - Video

Kathleen Matz Takes Issue With My Oakland Juneteeth Shooting Vlog, And Reflects A Basic Racial Problem I received this Facebook message from Kathleen Matz. She is one of the admins on a Facebook group called "Neighbors For Racial Justice". I posted my video called "2021 Juneteenth Shooting At Oakland Lake Merritt Reveals Some Black Kids Don’t Value Black Life", which has the contiunation of the title with "And it's our fault". This is the video: She wrote this: I'm sending this on behalf of N4RJ regarding your participation in our FB group. Neighbors for Racial Justice had some concerns about recent posts you added to our Facebook group. We decided to delete the post about the shootings at Lake Merritt, “Some Black kids don’t value Black life”. The post didn’t reflect the values N4RJ holds and seeks to amplify in our group. While we are interested in hearing from a variety of voices in our group, we ask that posts shared with our group be mindful that every problem in our community has deeper roots that may not be immediately apparent. We are interested in revealing the origins of those problems and working to solve them from there. We also don’t believe that shaming people is helpful, but can serve to perpetuate the problems our community faces. Thank you for your understanding on this, and please reach out to us if you have any questions or would like to discuss this further. My retort went like this: I disagree. Kathleeen, Did you watch the video? I will vlog about this because it's news. But, did you watch the video? And if the problem is my shaming the Oakland Community, then I am happy to learn the truth: that the community can't handle the truth. In the 46 years I have lived here, Oakland has never been really “kid friendly” and the decline of popularity of scouting (I was a Boy Scout) has made that an even greater problem. Oakland has become more and more violent and uncaring about its children and the fact we have such a large homelessness population proves it. Also. I own a media company so my content has already gained 10,000 views. And I am just getting started. I am going to make Oakland sorry for the awful situation its placed black kids in. Buckle up. Kathleeen forgets how we met. Here: And about racial profiling. But what I did was far from racial profiling. This was not me guessing at what someone who looks like me was going to do because they're black. No. This was me making an observation of what those teens and young adults were doing to other black people in Oakland. Rather they were paid or not - and I believe they were for video and political impact - they did it. And the reasons are as I stated: a society in Oakland that, at its core, does not like kids - particularly black kids. The question is, what are we going to do about it? First, you have to listen to views of the problem you may not like. Then speak yourself. Then form ideas for how we all can act, even if it's just raising our voice for support of a society that is black kid friendly. Then, from that, comes laws and change. We need to change.
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