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Timothy “TJAY” Jones Black Saints Reporter Fears Racism Talk In Jameis Winston / Taysom Hill Topic

Timothy “TJAY” Jones Black Saints Reporter Fears Racism Talk In Jameis Winston / Taysom Hill Topic - Video

Timothy “TJAY” Jones Black Saints Reporter Fears Racism Talk In Jameis Winston / Taysom Hill Topic This is my answer to a tweet that accomplished African American New Orleans Saints Reporter Timothy “TJAY” Jones issued in response to my tweet of his tweet on the Jameis Winston / Taysom Hill issue. Here's his first and one of many tweets that he issued with the same message: "Let Jameis Winston would have thrown 4 Ints. Nobody would be talking about how much of a warrior he is. Nobody would have been talking about how he doesn’t have any receivers around him. Jameis dealt with the same adversity as both Siemian and Hill. " In other words, Mr. Jones does not call out the racism that Jameis Winston faces and is done in the collective face of the public. So, I wrote this: "Hey Timothy “TJAY” Jones, no points for not calling it for what it is: RACISM. Time to throw it down, man! Take off the chains." He tweeted: I don’t understand what you are saying. I am saying something best captured in "Public Media: Existing Within the Shadow of White Supremacy Culture" by Sway Stewart, has more than 10 years of experience working in public media, in, She wrote: "White supremacy is all around us. If you are aware of this, congratulations, you are on the road to recovery; the first step is admitting it. If you are struggling to grapple with this concept, know that you are not alone. This statement may challenge your inner spirit, causing denial and a sense of panic followed by a twinge of anger. I know this because I have felt it. These powerful, pessimistic feelings show up in our actions, and interactions with others, when merely the ideas of racism and racial bias are hinted at. This is how white supremacy wins every time." My issue with Mr. Jones in this case (I do not know him) is that he hints at "ideas of racism and racial bias" but does not call them out. She then quotes another brother in media, when he said this: Sway: Those of us who resist this construct, do so at a personal cost. In an IRE & NICAR webinar back in early June, Matt Thompson, Editor in Chief of Reveal, spoke to his experience of being a Black leader in media and the “compromise” he makes, which results in fostering narratives and reporting that appeases mainstream audiences. “I think those of us who are leaders of color in this field ... are conscious of how much we owe our communities. And to be real for a second, I personally am conscious every day that the advancement that I have had in this field is premised on some level on my palatability to white folks. That means on some level, every decision I make is the product of a compromise with white supremacy.” That's what Mr. Jones does, and I think he knows that. The bottom line is racism is at the heart of how Jameis Winston is treated. Not calling it out wins no points and helps no one, except those bent on maintaining a white supremacist culture. The news is that many who are white do not want to maintain a white supremacist culture, so Mr. Jones is not even scoring points with them. This livestream will round out my thoughts in addition to what was just expressed. Stay tuned.
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