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Oakland Woman, Mugged By Four Young Boys, Calls For End To Youth Crime in Our City

Oakland Woman, Mugged By Four Young Boys, Calls For End To Youth Crime in Our City - Video

Oakland Woman, Mugged By Four Young Boys, Calls For End To Youth Crime in Our City A woman who does not wish to have her name out there, gave me permission to read her plea for an end to youth crimes. I will read what she wrote, as it heartbreakingly explains what happened to her. Here it is: I am a victim of what seems to be a trending crime spree involving a lot of youth here in Oakland. I got mugged by a group of 4 young males in the Cleveland Heights neighborhood last week. These teenagers are equipped with guns, knives, and stolen vehicles to terrorize innocent people just walking the neighborhood at all times of the day. And through my experience, it seems as though they are inexperienced using these weapons and vehicles, which is really disturbing and also concerning. This is a reflection post I put out in social media Sunday, a week after being robbed, to get the word out to my community. "One week ago, in my neighborhood, I got mugged. It all happened so fast. It was dark. A young male ran up behind me and snatched my phone and headphones from me. I retaliated, with so much adrenaline in me and without thinking, jumped into the getaway vehicle parked close by to get my possessions back. Not wise. It happened, nonetheless. I froze. Me against four young males, who then pushed me out of the moving vehicle and, after making a U-turn, tried to run me over. This was probably the most horrific thing I’ve ever encountered. I screamed for help. No one came out of their homes to see what was going on. I stumble to my dear friends’ house down the street. They took me in to safety and drove me home. Thankfully I walked away with only scratches and bruises. I thought to myself, I really could have died.. I had so much vengeance, and anger, and despair immediately after the incident. I wanted to fight back with all I had in me, only to realize.. I am not a violent person. This is me one week later. Scared. Violated. Broken. Traumatized. Numb. Now and then I get flashbacks of what happened. I even catch myself making up scenarios of the could-haves and should-haves that would have made the situation different. I’m doing better now. Still very much shaken. I am focusing on my own safety, being more vigilant, and getting back on my feet. After thoughtful processing I see the bigger picture and want to stay positive about it and set the situation free and hope better for these young ones. These are hard times. It’s the holidays, we’re in the middle of a pandemic, people are without stable jobs, people are without jobs, people are desperate, people are suffering. Crime is skyrocketing in Oakland. There is much work to be done. I have to want to do better for them. I have to be strong and set a good example for them. I have to be brave and show them I care. I don’t have much money or material things to offer, but I do have a big heart and I’m going to figure out a way to extend my love out to those young boys and spread awareness to my community. This is my healing
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