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Darwin Bond Graham Of Oaklandside Attacked Barack Obama In History Of Attacks On Blacks In Politics

Darwin Bond Graham Of Oaklandside Attacked Barack Obama In History Of Attacks On Blacks In Politics - Video

I don't know Darwin Bond Graham at all and don't even know or care what he looks like, but the person who started off gaining attention in Oakland for constant hit pieces in, first, the East Bay Express then in Oaklandside, on black public officials or politicos, came up on my radar because he questioned if I was paid to work for my long-time friend Phil Tagami. Now, I have a media company, Zennie62Media, and my feeling was why do I have to explain to, off all people, this dude on Twitter who I am told is white, who seems to think that because I'm black, I have to be paid to help anyone via online website work, let alone someone I have known since 1991? But in his case, Darwin Bond Graham is not a programmer, so he assumes that I am paid to say something, and not even consider that I help many people without pay (including a number of sports journalists like Glenn Dickey) gain an online presence via platform creation. No. He takes that line that I have to be someone's puppet – an extension of slave mentality. So, I looked around (I mean I am too busy to get into the deep on him, not do I care) and I realized that Darwin Bond Graham was the latest in a sad, long, line of white male “journalists” who use their “status” as some sort of badge of honor to do character assasinations of people, mostly black men. And the only way anyone black could hope to get a job in Bay Area print journalism was to do the same thing: attack black men in politics and government. All of this feeds this sad racist desire to make black men look bad in Oakland and the SF Bay Area. Now for me, the episode in Darwin Bond Graham's record that got me triggered was his Oaklandside -based attack on Derreck Johnson, the Oakland business owner who ran against my friend Oakland Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan. Anyway, Darwin got after Derreck for saying that he was a “successful business man” and just because his business filed for bankruptcy. Now, look. Former President Donald Trump filed for bankruptcy not once but six times, and yet Trump is called successful. So, why does Derreck Johnson have to be considered unsuccessful? In other words, Trump, white, can call himself successul and have his business (not himself) file for bankruptcy, but Derreck Johnson can't because he's black? That's white supremacy. So, I had forgotten about all of that until Darwin did it yet again by some tip he got that Seneca Scott was arrested for brandishing a gun last year. Well, Seneca, who's running for Mayor, had a reason for doing so – and at a time when Oakland's so dangerous that a number of people carry guns to protect themselves because the Oakland Police never show up – but that reason was tossed aside. The headline was that Seneca Scott, Oakland Mayoral Candidate who's name is at the top of the election ballot, was arrested. Well, news-flash folks, Cat Brooks, who ran for Mayor of Oakland in 2018, and who I wish would have ran again this time, because I'd have supported her, was also arrested in the past and for reasons I support. Namely the call for stopping the Oakland Police from terrorizing black men. So, I wondered how far back Darwin's attacks on black men in politics and government went, and so I found this from 2012: “Darwin Bond-Graham.. He is a contributor to Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion” And then that was when I also saw Mr. Graham called a “sociologist” and not a “journalist”. The book Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion was written by a number of “left” writers and because they bought the white liberal kool-aid that because Barack's black he would automatically push for their agenda rather than, shockers, a more middle-ground agenda. In other words, “How dare this black man take on the look of a white man in power” was the basic message. And in the list of writers, I saw Darwin Bond-Graham: “Obama's Nuclear Weapons Surge”. And he wrote “As with many aspects of the Obama Presidency, expectations for dramatic change..” STOP RIGHT THERE. For me, as a black man , the dramatic change was in the large numbers of black professionals who finally got their shot at a great job in, of all places, The White House, and working for America's first black POTUS. The photo of Obama black employees in a line, checking text messages and talking on the phone, and that I saw in Black Enterprise, made me cry tears of sheer joy. All of that completely escaped white male sociologist Darwin Bond Graham and those who wrote Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion, using words like “Sellout” to describe President Obama. Folks. Barack Obama's not a sellout. No one who dares run to be President of the United States, and is black, is a sellout. Blacks in power is what folks like Darwin fear, and he expresses it in the awful guise of jounalism. Stay tuned.
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