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Erica Kinsman, Jameis Winston’s Accuser, Married Jamal Roberts, The Boyfriend She Lied About In 2013

Erica Kinsman, Jameis Winston’s Accuser, Married Jamal Roberts, The Boyfriend She Lied About In 2013 - Video

Erica Kinsman, Jameis Winston’s Accuser, Married Jamal Roberts, The Boyfriend She Lied About In 2013 Erica Kinsman, the woman who accused now New Orleans Saints QB of rape in 2012 while both were freshman at Florida State, married Jamal Roberts, the boyfriend who's existence she lied about while crafting the fake story about Winston in an effort to extort $7 million. Erica Kinsman and Jamal Roberts were married June 4th, 2022 in New York City, and according to a website this vlogger happened to find in a Google search for Erica Kinsman and Jamal Roberts. I happened to wonder what happened to Erica Kinsman and that thought led to a new post at Oakland News Now Blog that proved Kinsman's claim was a lie, but it did not contain this shocking news. After I finished the post, I then searched “Erica Kinsman and Jamal Roberts” and found the website, here: This officially means Jameis Winston was the victim of a setup. Patricia Carroll, the lawyer for Erica Kinsman at the time, claimed in a letter to Jameis Winston's lawyer that her client “would never sleep with a black boy”. In the initial telling of her story, Kinsman, (a registered Republican since 2011) left out that she had just has sex with Jamal Roberts less than 24 hours before getting drunk and hooking up with Jameis Winston and within full view of FSU teammates Ron Darby and Chris Casher, before Kinsman demanded that the pair leave the room at their apartment. Kinsman, who had five cocktails and a shot at the bar Pot Bellys and at her friend, fake-ID-maker Marcus Jordan's place before heading over to the Jacksonville hang out for FSU students, didn't remember events the next day, and eventually made the assumption that she was raped, when that's not what happened. What happened was that she went with Ron Darby and Chris Casher and Winston, after texting her friend Monica and asking if she should go with them. Monica texted back “yes” according to court records, and so Kinsman went. There, Ron Darby would later report that “It appeared that the female was pursuing Jameis. In an effort to continue to hang out with Jameis she was trying to get her friend to go home with Chris Usher. As Jameis and this girl talked, she did not want him to leave. Jameis Winston, Chris Casher and I decided to leave Potbelly's and the same blonde female followed us out of the club. This female did not appear intoxicated. She was able to walk out of the club, have conversation with all of us and use her cell phone to text her friend to join us. She even got in the cab with us” At the apartment, both Darby and Usher explained they could see Erica doing the nasty to Jameis. Darby said “Chris continued to watch Jameis and the girl through the aacked door. He was playing jokes on Jameis and trying to embarrass Jameis. Chris walked in Jameis' room and the girl told Chris to get out. She then got up, turned off the light and shut the bedroom door. Chris and I could hear her and Jameis having sex. At no time did the girl ever indicate that she was not a willing participant In fact, she wanted more privacy by closing the door and turning off the lights.” The initial court case was dropped for lack of evidence. Moreover, Jamal Roberts refused to be deposed and gave up no information after the toxicology report revealed Kinsman has sex with him hours before meeting Jameis Winston. With no information to go by, Jameis' lawyers could not effectively file a lawsuit against Kinsman. Now, it's revealed that Kinsman was dating Jamal Roberts all of the time, and lied about it. Now, they're a married couple in New York City. That should put a solid end to the wave of false and racist accusations tossed against Winston. Kinsman clearly liked and likes black men, and in retrospect, given Mr. Carroll's “black boy” comment, was fearful her family would not support her if it was revealed she was sleeping around with black men in college. But for Kinsman to take the false claim as far as national television and the documentary The Hunting Ground just plain spells fraud – especially in light of the revelation about she and Jamal Roberts. Stay tuned.
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