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Oakland Needs BatMan Now More Than Ever - An Idea To Stop Smash And Grabs

Oakland Needs BatMan Now More Than Ever - An Idea To Stop Smash And Grabs - Video

Oakland Needs BatMan Now More Than Ever - An Idea To Stop Smash And Grabs Oakland is in trouble. I just saw this posted on Nextdoor: Funeral for Oakland. I love Oakland and I am sick about the crime, the trash, the abandoned cars, the lawlessness, etc. I think we should stage a January funeral for Oakland to embarrass the powers that be and to force change. We would dress for a funeral and surround the lake to mourn the loss of our city. We would make sure we make the news. Is this a crazy idea? Rather than a "Funeral for Oakland" I have an alternative idea: a set of incentives to encourage someone or some group to create a real live BatMan, BatWoman, and BatBrigade, and to cause the formation of an organized vigilante response to what Oaklanders face right now. I got the idea from an argument I had with an Oakland politico tonight. It seemed that my friend was good at saying what the problem was, but had an answer for why any solution I came up with would not work. So, I had the view that that person just did not want to do anything. Then, I blurted out "Oakland needs a BatMan," and that shut the talk down. Not that we stopped talking, but it made my friend think. "Well, it's an idea", my friend said. "Put it out there and see where it goes." That's what I am doing. We need a $50,000 reward for any time a smash and grab is stopped while its happening and the evil-doers are arrested by the Oakland Police or Alameda County Sheriffs. The money payment would be better than what's generally netted in these smash and grab robberies, and cause the formation of a market where organized vigilante responses to crime are rewarded with money. In other words, we build a market for the creation of BatMan. The people who do the job are not identified - we just call the person BatMan or BatWoman. I would hope someone would make a website to provide an online home for Oakland's BatMan, and take it from there. Or, Oakland Police could have a kind of BatMan Registry, so they know and can protect the people who elect to be BatMan. We need a kind of "organic" answer to these problems. Stay tuned.
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