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Taysom Hill As Saints QB Starter? No. Cowboys Play Risks 2nd Concussion This Season, 3rd This Year

Taysom Hill As Saints QB Starter? No. Cowboys Play Risks 2nd Concussion This Season, 3rd This Year - Video

Taysom Hill As Saints QB Starter? No. Cowboys Play Risks 2nd Concussion This Season, 3rd This Year Earlier, this blogger released the Oakland News Now post called "Taysom Hill As Saints QB Starter? No. After 2021 Concussions He May Have CTE". Here is the first two paragraphs of that entry: Taysom Hill is not the answer for the New Orleans Saints problems and starting him at quarterback may cause him to suffer more brain damage than he's already sustained after two known concussions. Some Saints beat reporters are beating the drum for Saints Head Coach Sean Payton to start the popular multi-task football player at quarterback, and because of Saints Starting QB Jameis Winston's season-ending injury and fill-in QB Trevor Siemien's poor play. But here's why inserting Taysom Hill as QB is not only a bad idea, but, as stated, one that could ruin him for the rest of his life. Indeed, it seems the Saints brain trust knows that, and have already set him up financially, but aren't telling the public, or the press. The post goes on to report that Taysom Hill had not just the concussion against the Washington Football Team on October 10th, 2021, but January 3rd, against the Carolina Panthers. Those are two officially recorded times this year. For January 3rd, Hill was held out for five days. For October 10th, 2021, Hill was held out for three weeks. On November 12th, the former BYU QB told the press that he lost 45-minutes of life-memory time. Hill said he could not remember anything from that period of time. He also described hearing and noise problems. As stated before Taysom Hill may have had as many as four episodes where his "bell was rung" in 2021, but only two were recorded. The other two came when he caught a pass against the Chicago Bears and when he was at QB for the game NFC Wild Card Game. Taysom Hill has put himself in brain harm's way more often than any other player in the NFL, save for offensive linemen. He is the only player who plays vastly different positions in one game, from QB to running back to wide receiver. He even has played on special teams in 2019. The overall number of real concussions Hill has sustained over his time is not publicly known, and given his history this year, it should be. Former SF 49ers QB Steve Young said he had seven concussions over his playing career. Steve Young played for 13 seasons for the San Francisco 49ers. By contrast, Taysom Hill has racked up 28 percent of that number this year, and 57 percent if the other two occurences are considered. All in 2021. One year. Now comes the report from NFL Networks Ian Rapopport that QB Taysom Hill is in line to start Thursday night against the Dallas Cowboys. Hill fans are excited but the truth is, the New Orleans Saints, and himself, are setting him up for what could he his 3rd concussion. The assertion here is that Hill may have CTE already and should retire from football; to have this scenario of starting is pure suicide. Taysom Hill has had no reps the entire 2021 NFL Season. He's suffered a brain injury that there's no real certainty he has fully recovered from. Hill's quest to be the starting QB for the Saints has gone beyond reason. Jameis Winston clearly beat him out for the role, and Ray Charles could see that. And while Winston is recovering from season-ending injury, the Saints have not signed him (which is nuts) and want to risk Hill's future. The other truth here is that the Saints passing game is not based on "steps" timing, but yards timing - different from the classic Bill Walsh approach. That explains why there's such a difference in passing performance between Saints QBs. It's harder to record timing when drop back by yards, rather than steps, is the measure. What that spells is no guarantee of better performance from Taysom Hill over Trevor Siemien. But what is certain is that Taysom Hill is at risk on a national stage for all to see. Stay tuned.
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